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Photo: Ray Arning



They say classical pianist Glenn Gould was intense...

Here you are at a Jazzhead gig...the band is on break, but suddenly you can hear this rhythmic clunking noise in the background. You look up on the bandstand, and you see that it's Mick Dobday, running through scales and finger exercises between sets. FOCUSED is the word for him.

Mick studied classical music with Misha Kottler and jazz with Matt Michaels and Rob Pipho. He's also worked with eminent Detroit Jazz Saxophonist Larry Smith and Latin Jazz Master Francisco Mora, as well as Detroit bassist Jaribu Shahid (of Griot Galaxy fame).

In addition to Mick's stellar keyboard work with JAZZHEAD, he feels his most significant accomplishment has been his work with Detroit's Blue Dog (he's one of the founding members) and their association with the Knitting Factory in New York.

Blue Dog has released 2 recordings,"What is Anything ?" on Knitting Factory Works and "Lurch" on Cobalt 61 Records. They have just completed a soundtrack recording to Jean Cocteau's "Blood of a Poet. "Blue Dog has performed in the "What is Jazz?" Festival and Bell Atlantic Festival in New York and have also done 2 tours of Europe. They have also been voted Best Contemporary Jazz Ensemble and Talent Deserving Wider Recognition by the Metro Times.

Between Mick's work with JAZZHEAD, his work with Blue Dog, and his other work with some of jazz and classical music's most renowned artists, Mick is certainly one of the most intuitive and creative keyboardists Detroit has to offer.

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