Verbal impressions by Tito Sin Verguenza



Ken and a well-known saxophone player kick it at a recent jam session

Speed, power, finesse...Only 3 of the words that can describe this guy's playing.... I've always maintained that some of the best musicians in the world can be found in Detroit, and oftentimes those musicians seem to be the ones that set musical standards worldwide. Ken Scott is no exception to that rule. We were talking at a recent Jazzhead gig at Mark's Lounge in Detroit about drumming and drummers. A few names came up, and they came up from me. And they have come up from other people in Jazzhead audiences also...Dennis Chambers, Dave Weckl, Billy Cobham. These names came up in reference to Ken's playing. There is a solo he goes into on one Billy Cobham (what a coincidence!) tune that Jazzhead does...I couldn't help but think, "Where are all these ideas coming from, and how so fast?" His solos, in fact his playing in general, are phrased so well, they almost become lyrical. (And that's saying something when you're talking about a player in the "rhythm" section)

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