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Defying the muck of (what was known as the) the "Acid Jazz" mire, Jazzhead raged to the top of Detroit's jazz/latin/funk/fusion heap and beyond. From holding down weekly offerings in downtown Motown to late-night (or early morning depending on your biorhythms) loft parties, the Jazzhead torrent has flushed the musically weak of heart from every corner of the Detroit scene.

"The band's incendiary brew full horn section, keyboards, guitar, bass and drums-a-poundin" - of hard post-bop, funk and modern groove technology...hasn't blasted, bounced and slinked it's way into an ear that wasn't totally appreciative of the sound intrusion"
--Metro Times, March 1998

Birthed as a 5-piece in November 1996, Jazzhead 2008 now boasts Trent Mitchell on bass, Phil Hale on keyboards, organ, and piano, Recardo (Ricky) Beamon on drums, Keith Ferguson on keyboards, guitar and vocals, as well as a new guitarist, on whom more information is to follow.

The monstrous success of Jazzhead's self-titled debut recording, co-produced by ex-Parliament sideman and former Jazzhead regular Larry Fratangelo, earned the group 1999's Detroit Music Award for Best Jazz Recording; then for good measure, they tacked on that year's Detroit Music Award for Best Modern Jazz Group and the Detroit Music Award for Best Jazz Group Deserving Wider Recognition - which they also snatched in 1998. As well, they were nominated for Best Modern Jazz group in 1999 and 2000. And to top things off, they are also the proud recipients of the 2002 Detroit Music Award for Best Modern Jazz Group!

In addition, they had the incredible opportunity to open for Issac Hayes at the summer 2005 African American Fest at Hart Plaza. Which, by the way is kind of where the current 2 Keyboard Front line configuration came from. At that time, Mr. Hayes Substituted 3 keyboard Players for the String ,and horn sections of his orchestra.

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