Verbal impressions by Tito Sin Verguenza

Photo: Ray Arning


Soprano Sax, Flute


Faruq Z. Bey, one of the greatest musicians and artists to come out of Detroit, said this about Gerard Evans, "I heard that boy can blow some SHIT!"

Now put this in're a sax player, and one of the greatest sax players that Detroit (and the world) has ever known says that about you...and by the same token, you also know that if you couldn't play some "shit", you would be informed of that just as quickly.

Well, Faruq is right. I'd never even heard of Gerard Evans until I saw him with Jazzhead. Then, I thought, "Where the HELL did this guy come from? Well, turns out it's out East...Gerard just came into Detroit, on fire. You might notice fire trucks outside when G.E. is on the hit.

I was in the back room at a Jazzhead gig one night, and Gerard was blowing the MEAN solo up was one of those moments when you hear everthing that's going on around you, conversations, glasses clinking, pool balls cracking, and this bad-ass music in the other room. I thought to myself, "This must have been what it was like going to a club to hear John Coltrane..."

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