Verbal impressions by Tito Sin Verguenza




No doubt you have heard the modern saying, "Ripping it up..." Usually used in reference to acts like downhill skiers clocking 150mph, etc. Basically talking about somebody that does something so well that it smacks of insanity sometimes. Well that term can be well applied to Duminie De Porres of Jazzhead. When I heard him play the other night at Mark's Lounge in Detroit, the word "attack" kept coming to mind. It's not that he's attacking the guitar, it's not that he's attacking you, but he is...maybe that's why they call them "axes" Maybe it was because Mark's is in the HEART of the hood, and all the grit and high-contrast intensity funk that makes up the fabric of the hood was coming out of his bones. I think it's more like he is attacking the concept of what he is playing, as he's playing it, moment to moment. And when he gets his turbos spooled up and that shit starts flowing?? Look out.

He has become one of the most prominent guitarists on the Detroit scene. Hell, he was bad 11 years ago when I saw him with Signs of Life at Detroit's Dalley In The Alley. You know what they get older, you get better. In those 11 years, he's worked with George Clinton's P-Funk thing, Black Planet, Enemy Squad, and Soul Clique, (3 of the baddest bands to ever come out of DEE-troit), Beast Crew, Public Enemy, 7th Octave, as well as shooting the "Free Your Mind" video with En Vouge, now JAZZHEAD...(lucky suckers)... Gotta say, that experience has paid off...and he ain't nowhere NEAR done yet! Better get ready to duck...

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