Recardo (Rick) Beamon - Drums, Percussion

Born and raised in Detroit (Motown) Michigan, Drummer Recardo Beamon started earning his professional skills right out of highschool!

He has a soulful background and a strong pocket. Recardo has aquired many genres and plays with a variety of artists locally and worldwide.

Being influenced by Max Roach, Buddy Rich, Tony Williams, Jeff Pocaro, Dennis Chambers, Billy Cobham, Harvey Mason, Steve Gadd and Vinnie Caliuta you can hear them all!

Recardo Beamon, known by Rick Beamon in the Musical world, started playing the Drums at age 5 having a natural feel for the instrument. His Mother, Jeraldine Beamon, was told that Recardo was a natural. When his Mother would play records on her classic stereo, he would park himself right by the left speaker and take it all in. By the time he was 14 years old a friend of his Mother gave him a set of used Drums.

Recardo stayed inside most of his childhood practicing everything he heard on the radio! He studied Music in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades of middle school and was the best in all of his Music classes! When he went on to high school, he was in the Stage band, the Orchestra and the Marching band. He played the Drums throughout highschool and went on to start touring right after he graduated! He then started attending the summer Jazz series at the University of Michigan and Wayne State University.

Recardo has toured with recording artists such as: Tabu recording artist, Brainstorm (This Must Be Heaven), CBS recording artist, The Dramatics (I Wanna Go Outside In the Rain), Motown recording artist, The Contours (Do You Love Me, Now that I can Dance). Recardo has also performed with RCA recording artist, Alysson Williams (Just Call My Name). He has played with many local artist in Detroit such as: The Sons, One Up Republic, Quarter to Midnight, Lisa Cunningham and 7th Heaven, Brass Groove, Jazzhead, Blackman and Arnold, The Brothers Groove, Thornetta Davis and Groove Junkies. Today Recardo works with local Detroit artists such as: Liz Larin, Alyssa Simmons, Thornetta Davis Band, Dave Hamilton, Inside Out, and Tano Pilot.

The high seas are all to familiar to Recardo. He has sailed as a Musician with Disney Cruise Line for 3 years. He performed in Las Vegas following Disney Cruise Line doing the main circuit, went on to become an Actor and Model, and now touring twice a year in Italy! Recardo's Acting experience includes Music videos, Television Commercials, Infomercials, Voice overs, Industrials and Extra roles. He also has modeled for various fashion events such as Facial Demostrations, Informal Modeling and Print. Recardo has also traveled with the Autoshows narrating, and as a Product Specialist. Now Recardo has aquired a vast majority of things in the Entertainment business from being a Musician to Acting and Modeling! He now has a song writing production company called Winston Avenue Productions and will soon be releasing a Smooth Jazz single. --JH

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